2014 Member Show

Gary Leib,  Devil and Vamp Girl  2014, Pronto Plate Lithograph

Gary Leib, Devil and Vamp Girl
2014, Pronto Plate Lithograph

October 23 - November 10, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, October 24th  6 - 9 pm

Artwork pick-up: November 14 - 23

The Annual Member Show celebrates the artists that bring life to the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. Despite relocation, economic down-turn, and shifts in cultural funding the workshop has persisted as an affordable haven for art-making over the course of nearly seven decades. Each year thousands of artists come through the workshop doors, contributing to a community as vital and diverse as the city itself.  This workshop continues to be a meeting place, a point of connection for artists across culture and experience.

The workshop offers New York City printmakers professional quality facilities at a rate that artists can actually afford. In return these artists bring a real warmth, a generosity of knowledge, and occasionally an extra set of clean  hands. This exhibition is a joyful tribute to EFA RBPMW's member artists, and their commitment to building community through collaboration in print.