Palimpsest: Tina Han Young Gi Han)
April 19-24, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 19 from 1pm-3pm

_Prayer rug_55x38inches_Ink thred and turkey feathers on fabic_Tina Han.jpg

Tina Han’s practice starts in the everyday. Layering material of her daily life, like a palimpsest, the works often begin in her daily unconscious mark making from the many notebooks that get transcribed into the studio. Their medium morphs, sometimes drawings get combined or become cut and layered. Once in the studio, automatic doodling gains form and structure as if to explain itself, gaining consciousness through arrangement.

The works on paper undulate, they are active and malleable as a feeling of movement comes from the fluid, non-hierarchial figure-ground relationship. The collages come off the wall with built surfaces from Han cutting, sewing and drawing the layers. Like all of her source material these fabric scraps-turned-canvas are intimate, from her daily life. Clothing and material from her home gets transplanted to the
studio. The delicacy of her lines are then balanced by architectural details that reveal themselves, columns, balusters and ornate filigree emerge from the loose, fluid compositions. In this balance of a daily free-form drawing practice and architectural details give the works a sense of topography, like maps tracing a daily journey.

By curator Summer Guthery






Tina Han received her MFA (2013) in Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts in New York and her BFA (2008) in Fine Arts at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. Her work has been exhibited in Erupt (2014) at Leigh Wen Gallery in New York, Close Quarters (2013) at Artifact Gallery, in New York, Surpassing Edges (2013) at Space Womb Gallery in New York, Abstract Intentions (2013) at Visual Arts Gallery, New York, We Object (2013) at Visual Arts Gallery in New York, Select Art Fair (2013) in Miami.




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