Three Journeys

Frances Ashforth
Jan Palethorpe
Tatiana Ginsberg

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April 5 - April 22, 2018


Discussion with Jan Palethorpe
Roo tails, Lino cuts, Murals & Bats

Practicing as an artist in Australia for over 30 years and being a hungry traveller,  I have had opportunities to share the joy of making art with people from remote Aboriginal communities, to incarcerated young offenders, autistic children and migrant refugees. Printmaking has been the  medium which has been central to this practice. Jan will discuss the challenges of working in adverse situations with limited resources, and the magic that can happen in such environments.

Tatiana Ginsberg on her book, I Fear We Must Go

Tatiana Ginsberg is an Artist and Studio Collaborator at Dieu Donne

…I drew the same leaf specimens on stone and printed them as two color lithographs. The translucent interleaving text pages se excepts in his handwriting from the last letters Robert Falcon Scott Wrote a he neared death on his return from the south pole.

Lithographs on handmade kozo/gampi papers, with embedded thread on title page. Housed in a portfolio style embedded on title page. Housed in a posrtfolio style enclosure made of birch ply and bookcloth, with letterpress spine label, and twill tape ties, with felt insert. 

Water + Words: Frances Ashforth with Master Printer Chris Shore

Chris Shore is a Master Printer at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking 

Frances Ashforth's prints have been shown throughout the United States in numerous galleries, print biennials, and museums. Her work has also been shown in Canada, the U.K., Denmark and Ireland. She strives for sustainability in her print practice by using non-toxic water base inks. Her work has always been about the study of land, water and sky. History of the land, land use and the observation of water cycles in both arid and wetland habitats continue to be her primary focus.




Photos by Hannah Kadyrov





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