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(2012/HD-CAM/55min) Shocking Accusation against Japan after March 11. That day, Japan was covered all over with nuclear fallout or “ashes of death”. In 1954, a hydrogen bomb test was conducted at a Central Pacific. Contaminated tunas were discarded and the fishermen became ill. After that, in exchange for two million dollars, all the fishes were sent to market in Japan! Cesium, secret document, easily broken bones … What we can see, as a result, is a shocking reality ‘X’ YEARS LATER. 

Thursday, April 11, 7PM: EXPOSURE TO RADIATION POST-X Years 2

(2016/HD-CAM/ 65min) A sequel to the documentary film, "X Years Later (2012)" that gathered topics by covering the influence of the nuclear tests conducted by the US in the Pacific. New facts are emerging one after another, in front of director Hideaki Ito who had been interviewing in Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture. The survivor of the fishing boat who saw the previous work started up, and hearing survey started by searching for the survivors. 

about the filmmaker

Hideaki Ito born in Japan in 1960. In the 1990's, invited screening at Berlin Video Fest, Vancouver International Film Festival, British Short Film Festival etc. We began covering the Pacific Nuclear Experimentation Project since 2004. In 2012, the movie "EXPOSURE TO RADIATION POST-X years " is released to the nationwide theaters, the screening goes to 260 locations, and the 2015 film "EXPOSURE TO RADIATION POST-X years 2" is released to the theaters. In order to clarify the damage of nuclear weapons, we continue to produce programs, research and screening activities. 2004, local era image festival Grand Prix, Ishibashi Tanzan Waseda Journalism Grand Prize, since 2006, won the Japan People's Promotion Award Excellence Award, Broadcasting Education Association Encouragement Award, local era festival encouragement prize etc. The 2012 Galaxy Award Grand Prize, the Japan Petroleum Reception Awards Best Award, the Broadcast Culture Fund Award, the Japanese press club award Prize Special Award, the 86th Kinema Junpo Best Ten, the 30th Japan Film Reconstruction Encouragement Award, the Media and Ambassious Grand Prize Winning. In his book, "EXPOSURE TO RADIATION POST-X years" (Kodansha) which summarizes the trajectory of the interview.

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