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Sat. April 13, 2PM - Closing Reception


Accidents Can Happen: The Women of Three Mile Island (dir. Dr. Heidi Hutner and Martijn Hart)

This is the story of four mothers, Paula, Linda, Beth, and Joyce, who lived five miles from the nuclear meltdown in Harrisburg, PA in 1979 (at the time of the meltdown). They seek the truth.

Followed by a discussion with Mary Stamos, Member of TMI Alert, and Dr. Heidi Hutner from Sustainability Studies Program, English, Women’s and Gender Studies at Stonybrook Univ.

Mary Stamos from TMI Alert

Mary Stamos from TMI Alert

Mary Stamos has lived nearby Three Mile Nuclear Plants and experienced the nuclear accident as a mother of two children and a wife of a nuclear worker. She is a member of of Three Mile Island Alert. She has been researching deformed plants and health issues around Three Mile Island.

Smithsonian Project  Scott Portzline has been coordinating Mary Stamos’ collection of deformed plant samples from around TMI for the past 39 years.This project was successfully engaged the Smithsonian Museum which has agreed to house the collection. PCN will film the volunteer team and upon completion of organizing the samples. Documenting over 300 samples has taken place on many Sundays since mid-summer and is near completion. Scott will need all hands on deck in the next couple of weeks to for the team to deliver the final organized specimens to the Smithsonian’s science museum, Botany Department in Washington DC. 

Dr. Heidi Hutner is a professor of Sustainability and English at Stony Brook University, and a scholar of nuclear and environmental history and ecofeminism. She is the winner of Sierra Club Long Island's 2015 Environmentalist of the Year Award. At Stony Brook University, she teaches courses on the environmental literature, history, and film. She chaired the Sustainability Studies Program for six years and was Associate Dean in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Hutner publishes widely as a writer and journalist on nuclear, environmental and gender issues. She regularly gives public and keynote talks at universities and conferences on environmental studies and ecofeminism. Her current book project, ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN: VOICES OF WOMEN AND NUCLEAR DISASTERS, will accompany the documentary and forms the basis of the film series. http://www.heidihutner.com