NADA NY 2018

Cultural Partnership w. New Art Dealers Alliance


NEW PUBLICATIONS by Renee Cox, Seung-Min Lee and Michael Kelly Williams

Prints also available by Xenobia Bailey, Chakaia Booker, Kenny Rivero and Otto Neals




International Global Karaoke World Championships of the

Supreme Leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Un ( by Seung-Min Lee and special guest Sameer Kapoor)


Fresh from his nation's numerous victories at The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un will make an appearance at NADA to host The International Global Karaoke World Championships and demonstrate his greatest innovation to International Relations: Karaoke Diplomacy. On a mission to share the DPRK's national ideals of independence, peace and friendship in unity with the progressive peoples of the world through the magic of song. he will be accompanied on keyboard by Comrade Sameer Kapoor.