Alien Publication and Workshop/RISO PRINTING

MUNDOS ALTERNOS: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas

Sunday, July 21, 2019; at 1-4PM Queens Museum

Sofia Gallisá Muriente,  Lluvia con nieve (Rain with Snow) , 2014. Two-channel video installation and printed takeaway. Courtesy of the artist.

Sofia Gallisá Muriente, Lluvia con nieve (Rain with Snow), 2014. Two-channel video installation and printed takeaway. Courtesy of the artist.

In conjunction with Queens Museum, Christopher Rey Pérez will edit a collective project investigating the ambiguous concept of ‘alien’, both as extraterrestrial and foreigner with a group of New York-based and foreign collaborators. The publication will explore processes of extraction, and ways in which foreigners and extraterrestrials are always extracted from their context. The resulting publication will be printed in risograph and presented with the EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Program and Endless Editions as a number of unique editions for readers to continue extracting and publishing.

Mundos Alternos: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas brings together contemporary artists from across the Americas who have tapped into science fiction’s capacity to imagine new realities, both utopian and dystopian. Science fiction offers a unique artistic landscape in which to explore the colonial enterprise that shaped the Americas and to present alternative perspectives speculating on the past and the future. In the works featured in the exhibition, most created in the last two decades, artists employ the imagery of science fiction to suggest diverse modes of existence and represent “alienating” ways of being in the world. The exhibition offers a groundbreaking account of the intersections among science fiction, techno-culture, and the visual arts.

This exhibition’s travel to the Queens Museum continues a national, and potentially transnational, conversation about speculative aesthetics at a time when immigrant futures are facing a crossroads. Home of the past two New York World’s Fairs that lauded New York City as the neighborhood of the future, the Queens Museum is the most relevant venue to host a show of this kind. Located in the borough of Queens, a region transformed by waves of Caribbean, South American, and Mexican migration, Mundos Alternos invites East Coast audiences to imagine another world where many worlds may cohabitate.

A series of performances, talks, readings, and workshops will be presented to examine the far-reaching influence of science and speculative fiction in the Americas and beyond. Programming will center on contributions from artists, writers, poets, and musicians that engage “futurisms” from a wide range of perspectives covering geo-political, social, environmental, and personal themes.

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