Thom Oconnor

Water Falls (left) and Through the Blinds (right) are photo-lithographs generated from digitally produced films; using a process reminiscent of photogravure, they embody the modern marriage of photography and printmaking. As subtle investigations of light and the banality of modern life, they function simultaneously as voyeuristic interludes and as epitaphs. O’Connor has used these images in other printmaking processes, investigating how the transfer of ink to paper affects the perception of the action within the image. These images are part of O’Connor’s continuing investigation of process and stillness.

About the artist

Thom O’Connor is an internationally collected and exhibited artist, a Fulbright Scholar, a retired printmaking professor (CUNY-Albany), and a racecar driver. His experience as one of the first printers involved with the Tamarind Lithography Workshop inspired his life-long pursuit of discovering new art making techniques through the medium of printmaking. He is an early pioneer of digital printmaking and photo-polymer plate technology for fine art printing.

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