Aminah Robinson

The Chilean Suite consists of ten black and white woodcuts. The scenes in each woodcut depict the rural life and majestic mountain landscapes that Robinson encountered on a trip to Chile. Robinson has a unique style and uncanny ability to capture the vitality and emotion of her subjects, and Chilean Suite is imbued with a subtle sense of the unity of all peoples. These are the first prints of Robinson’s prints published at RBPMW since her initial foray into printmaking with Robert Blackburn in the early 1980’s.

About the artist

The Water Street Portfolio consists of ten black and white etchings on copper plates. Composed with simple, elegant line work, each plate depicts a chapter in Robinson’s Water Street saga. Over a fifty year period, Robinson gathered a collection of stories told to her by her Uncle Alvin; from these stories, as well her own travels and experiences, the Water Street Portfolio was born. The prints make up a “creation story” that revolves around Robinson’s believe that life grew out of the earth and evolved to the present moment. They are deeply personal as well as historical.

 Aminah Robinson is a distinguished artist living and working in Columbus, Ohio. She works in virtually all media, creating her own aesthetic world; she combines two and three-dimensional elements with ease, establishing connections between all civilizations and their African roots and creating a narrative of the human struggle for freedom. Robinson was the 2004 recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship. She has exhibited and shown both nationally and internationally, most recently with a traveling retrospective in Ohio, Washington, and New York. You can find out more about the work of Aminah Robinson at

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