Chris Uphues

Deadly Nightshade is a 2 plate, 6 color lithograph. It was printed in black, drawn in negative with gum arabic, and printed with a rainbow blend of five colors. Deadly Nightshade is an image full of sardonic wit; the bees swarm to pollinate the deadly creature, while the flower salivates in anticipation of the impending feast. It is both humorous and dark, commenting on our desires and whims that have the potential to provide our own undoing.

About the Artist

Starry Wizards is a mix of seven lithographic layers and ten silkscreen runs with a total of 17 colors. The lithographic plates were drawn with a variety of materials including spray paint and graphite. The process of lithography allows Uphues to achieve aesthetic effects unachievable through his usual working media.

Chris Uphues is a New York City based artist originally from Chicago. He is primarily a painter but is also involved in site specific tagging and graffiti-based work. Uphues’ pictoral language encompasses a range of ebullient and sinister creatures drawn from comic books, Japanese animation and design.

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