Karen Kunc

Bio Geo Diffusion
25 x 20 inches


about the artist

Karen Kunc is a printmaker and book artist working primarily in color woodcut. Kunc was born in Omaha, NE and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she earned her BFA. Kunc’s works combine organic forms, textures, and patterns in response to the landscape of Nebraska and experiences from Kunc’s travels. Kunc develops a rich abstract language to explore questions of vulnerability, growth, and decay of the human spirit and our physical environment.  Kunc exhibits her works nationally and internationally, recently completing solo shows at Galerie d'Art Contemporain, Chamalières in France, and Davidson Galleries in Seattle. Kunc is currently a professor of art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and teaches printmaking workshops around the world.


To inquire, email: rbpmw@efanyc.org

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