Internships are open to any artist looking to learn while they work.  Students, recent grads, and printmakers alike are all welcome to apply. EFA RBPMW internship program is designed to be an enriching educational experience. Though responsibilities vary according to the goals of each intern, positions are available as a Studio intern, Administrative intern, or a combination of the two.



Monitors play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of workshop by committing to a weekly four hour shift. In addition to maintaining the facilities, assisting with administrative duties, and working with shop patrons, they contribute to the workshop’s unique welcoming and collaborative atmosphere. In return, for every hour volunteered, monitors receive two hours of studio time, as well as discounts on classes and workshops.



An EFA RBPMW Workshop Ambassador is a representative of the workshop who actively pursues improvements in the workshops functionality, outreach, ideals, and experience of our members and volunteers. 



The Shop Technician at RBPMW assists in the general upkeep of the workshop's facilities, aiding members and monitors with shop procedures and processes, and in training interns with studio practices.


Who is in the shop? Check out one of our monthly Group Critiques!