Group critiques

 hosted by the printshop monitors & artists!

The critiques began as an effort to give monitors and interns a platform to share and discuss their own work as artists.  Studio work at EFA RBPMW provides numerous opportunities for group-work when we assist other artists, classes and do maintenance; however, the critiques allow us to work together in ways that challenge our other creative abilities as artists and commentators.  We find that group discussion allows us to gain valuable insight into our own works and how they fit into broader social contexts.

Due to the success of these meetings, we decided to extend invitations to studio members, SIP fellows, and artists who are interested in critically engaging with the workshop's community.  We hope that this will open up more opportunities for monitors and interns to network with people outside the immediate circle of studio-goers, and will, perhaps, attract more people to participate at the other events and services hosted at EFA RBPMW.

In line with our policies towards inclusion, we’ve also decided to place no (unreasonable) constraints on the media and materials that may be presented at the critiques.  We accept everything from print and paint to performance and design.  For while the studio may remain renowned for its contributions to print, we feel that welcoming other art forms to the critiques may help establish interesting and novel collaborations between printers and artists of different media.  And since decisions about the structure and intent of meetings are decided democratically by the whole body of participants, this allows the critiques to change and adapt to cultivate new forms of discussion and presentation.

Up to now, the best format we’ve developed has been to meet for about two hours, in which between two and four artist show and discuss their work with the group.  We ask artists to come prepared with a springboard for discussion, like what they are looking to improve on with the help of the group, or what ideas they were trying to convey with their work.

The critiques are held every month at the 20/20 gallery between the de-installation of one show and the installation of another. This allows us to exhibit in a large gallery without interrupting its scheduled exhibitions. 

-Nicole Marandola, EFA RBPMW Shop Tech

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