Chine Collé

Instructor: Anna-Marie Settine
November 29 – 30
10:30 am - 2:30 pm
$185 Members / $225 Non-members
Includes supplies and 8 hours of free studio time

Change the way you think about chine collé with this simple, user-friendly process. This workshop will show you an alternative chine collé process using dry paper techniques which allows for intricate cut-out shapes as well as torn paper shapes with exact registration. Applications include intaglio, lithography, monoprint, and digital printing.


Susan Graham, 2013 SIP Fellow

Susan Graham, 2013 SIP Fellow

Chine collé is a technique in which an image is transferred to a light-weight paper that is simultaneously bonded to a heavier paper during printing. This allows artists to print on a much more delicate surface, such as Japanese paper or linen, which pulls finer details off the plate. You may also use chine collé to create a background color behind an image, or introduce finely cut paper to your etching, lithograph, or relief print.

Anna-Marie Settine is currently the Print Fellow at EFA RBPMW. She recently completed work as the solo collaborating printer on an edition of 1,000 etchings by Bruce Waldman. Since coming to the workshop, Anna-Marie has assisted in printed for artists including Chakaia Booker, Kreh Mellick, and Joseph Hart. Anna-Marie specializes in intaglio, chine collé, and relief printing. Prior to EFA RBPMW, she received her BA in Art and Spanish from Auburn University.