Printers WIthout Presses

Our Printers Without Presses are availible to assist artists in the workshop. They may be hired for edition work, as technical advisors on personal projects, or for private instruction. Pricing is project specific. Please contact or 646.416.6226 for more information.

Devraj Dakoji was born in Dharmoj, Andhra Pradesh and has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. He was appointed as Chief Suprvisor of Graphic Studios, Dept. of Art, Garhi, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi in 1977 and as Commissioner and jury member of the 2nd Graphic International Print Biennial, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal in 1991. He has been a part of the RBPMW community for many years, teaching classes, organizing international portfolios and printing for Robert Blackburn while he was alive.  Devraj has also printed for many workshop artists including Lenore Lim, Denise Kasof and MF Husain.


Anna-Marie Settine is currently the Print Fellow at RBPMW. She recently completed work as the solo collaborating printer on an edition of 1,000 etchings by Bruce Waldman. Since coming to the workshop, Anna-Marie has assisted in printed for artists including Chakaia Booker, Kreh Mellick, and Joseph Hart. Anna-Marie specializes in intaglio, chine collé, and relief printing. Prior to RBPMW, she recieved her BA in Art and Spanish from Auburn University.


Rie Hasegawa is an artist and freelance printer at RBPMW. She has multiple years of experience printing both commercially and professionally. Rie is fully versed in intaglio, relief, and lithography printing. She has collaborated with over 40 artists including Jim Gaylord, Zarina Hashmi, Lenore RS Lim, Shinichi Maruyama, April Vollmer, and Carrier Pigeon magazine.


Sam Chun recieved his BA from The Cooper Union with a concentration in Printmaking. He teaches ukiyo-e and chine collé classes at RBPMW. Sam learned Japanese woodblock from Yasuyuki Shibata, who is master Japanese woodblock printer at Pace Prints, and has assisted Yasu in carving woodblocks to be printed and editioned. Sam continues to make his own ukiyo-e prints as well as carving and printing for artists in the ukiyo-e style.


Paul John graduated from the University of Richmond where he studied printmaking with artist Tanja Softic. He later received a MFA in Printmaking at SUNY New Paltz. After graduating, Paul was awarded the Transitional Artists Residency Award at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, NE. Shortly after his residency, Paul relocated to the New York City area where he began an apprenticeship at RBPMW in January 2013. Paul has experience contract printing with letterpress, screen printing, embossments and digital reproductions.

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