Monitors play vital role in the day-to-day operations of EFA's Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.  In addition to maintaining the facilities, assisting with administrative duties, and working with shop patrons, they contribute to the workshop’s unique welcoming and collaborative atmosphere. In return monitors receive two hours of free studio access for each hour of work, as well as discounts on classes and workshops.



Monitors keep track of traffic in and out of the shop, assist members with printing, maintain equipment and supplies, sell paper and printing supplies to members, as well as provide tours to visitors. In addition they may assist in any of the following areas: EFA RBPMW Office, Print Studio, Digital Lab, Archives, Class/Workshop Assistant, Lectures, Tutorials, Special Events. Monitor shifts comprise four hour blocks of time.


-Access to the print shop’s facilities, master printer, and print archives

-2 for 1 work exchange: for every hour worked 2 hours of studio time is granted free of charge

-Opportunities to exchange hours worked for free classes

-Free access to lectures, openings, visiting artists events, and technical tutorials

-Inclusion in member exhibitions

-Participation in monitor technical training and exchange classes

Becoming a Monitor

The application process consists of an application form, two letters of reference and an interview with EFA RBPMW Workshop Manager.  Additionally applicants may be asked to show examples of their work. Apply online or download the form here. There is no deadline for applications.

All monitors must have prior knowledge of printmaking either through academic, professional, or co-operative experiences.  Applicants are encouraged to note in their package any special experience or skills that may be put to use at the workshop, printmaking-related or otherwise. After acceptance, monitors must complete a trial period of 20 hours, after which the 2:1 exchange takes effect.

Please direct questions and letters of reference to:

Justin Sanz, Workshop Manager: