Monotype Printmaking with Akua Inks! //NON-TOXIC


Monotype Printmaking with Akua Inks! //NON-TOXIC

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10:30- 3:30 PM


$120 members
$160 with Membership
$165 non-members

+ online processing fee
Includes 5 hours of free studio time
(expires one month from final class)


Monotype Printing Using AKUA inks

Amanda Barrow was introduced to monotype printmaking by Robert Blackburn in an auspicious setting in 1985, while taking a textile class next to Bob’s workshop in Lake Placid, NY. She fell in love with making monotypes, and went on to work with Michael Mazur in Cambridge, MA as his studio assistant for many years. She’s been making monotypes ever since, inspired by improvisation and in-the-moment decision making, and of course, the fluidity of ink.

We begin the class with introductions, and Amanda will ask participants to bring images and/patterns they want to work with during the class; we’ll share imagery! Amanda will show personal examples of simple monotype prints (one-of-a-kind prints), then demonstrate certain techniques using the AKUA water-based inks. We’ll work with primary colors on 8’’ x 12’’ plates (good size for the tables we’ll be working on).

After the students watch Amanda work her plate to create a few pieces, we will all dive into the process together, and print for a few hours. We’ll jump into the creative process together, no fear! We’ll take a lunch break, then dive back in. We wrap up in the mid-afternoon, and the students take home at least seven to ten pieces that they can thereafter work back into, collage over, declare finished, or whatever. No experience necessary!

This process is good for loosening up ideas and rattling your brain, making your hands and mind operate in an alternative way than it usually works, while working and playing in the creative process. Students will learn how to mix color, judge the correct consistency of the Akua water-based inks to be used, roll out colors on a sheet of plastic, cut paper to use as stencils when printing, and use different materials to express their mark-making ideas. They will also learn how to go back into the work afterwards by applying pen, ink, pencils, or anything else to their print!